Sub-metering water helps prevent leaks and water damage by providing important information on water consumption. Real-time data from water sub-meters produces immediate information on spikes in water consumption, so technicians can act immediately.

Water sub-metering systems can also create consumption awareness. Periods of high and low consumption can be visualized in real time. Research suggests that consumption awareness encourages the user to reduce water use by 30% or more, which is particularly important during summer months when water is in high demand.


Recover from the renters exactly what is being charged to the property by the utility company. The financial argument is strong for installing a water sub-metering system to eliminate the cost recovery gap between what is collected from tenants and what is paid to the utility company. Most installations have a payback of less than one year!


Water meters are installed at the point of entry of every unit in the complex. A wireless radio transmitter is then attached to each meter. A gateway that is either cellular, Ethernet or WiFi enabled is installed and possibly a repeater or two to boost transmitter signals.


The transmitters send usage readings many times during each day to through the repeaters if necessary and to the gateway which is connected to the cloud. Multiple daily reads provide detailed analysis of each unit’s usage including accurate leak alerts!


Water Utility Billing can easily be done ‘in-house’. With just a few clicks download a usage report and create a new revenue stream to use. Alternatively, Talon Plumbing can easily create, organize and send those bills for your own perusal. Easy and less hassle!

We provide free estimates with financial analysis.
We just need basic information about the property and 1 year of water bills.