Groundwater and Wells

Groundwater is important to the water cycle. It is the water captured in the ground usually at the level of lakes and streams. It keeps our rivers and lakes full. Ground water can be in large bodies known as aquifers or in underground pockets within rock formations or as underground rivers and streams.

We have been depleting our ground water for years through impervious building practices and the digging of water wells.


Water Wells are a common concept for collecting water, but do to the minimal regulations water wells can and do affect the local groundwater in many parts of the country. Water from wells can contain heavy mineral content needing extra filtration before use. Also, groundwater may contain pollutants from contamination in the area. They will also lower lake and stream levels during high use and dry conditions. Energy cost is another factor not considered when water is pushed hundreds of feet to the surface. Be cautious and do diligence when considering ground water use.