Preserving our most vital natural resource for tomorrow is our goal. Providing clean water for municipal, industrial and drinking purposes without the use of harmful chemicals and reducing costs for our customers is how it’s achieved.


The AOPure – An Advanced Oxidation Process technology is used to clean water in cooling towers, pools and water features providing an extreme reduction in “blowdown” discharge in cooling towers. The technology will reduce costs through lower water/sewer charges,  the elimination of added chemicals, lower energy use, less maintenance and cleaning. This patented technology will also control pathogens such as Legionella, C. diff, coliform, and cryptosporidium in water systems, while adding no chlorine or other toxic chemicals to the water. There is little blowdown and you do not have to deal with the costs, hazards or treatment created by blowdown.

The product is installed for a flat fee per month with no upfront costs and at a cost that is less than the amount you pay in current operating costs. We will maintain the product and service it regularly. Because it is a low voltage appliance, the amount of electricity used is equivalent to a hair dryer and runs on a 110 volt outlet. 

The AOPure technology created and manufactured in Canada is distributed by Geo Flo H2O, LLC, a low voltage mixed oxidant in-situ generator.  Currently in North America there are number of installations. They include a 2400 ton cooling tower in Montreal, Canada in a 27 story multi use building in service of over 9 years, a large residential pool in Dahlonega, GA for over 7 years and and a federal bank cooling tower in Greenville,TN for more then 1 year. The case study for the bank is linked here.

The AOPure Insitu Advanced Oxidation Process generators produce a mixture of oxidants not from air or gaseous oxygen but directly from the water using a patented electro-catalytic dissociation process. The resulting nascent oxygen in the presence of precious metal catalysts produces a mixture of powerful oxidants including oxygen radicals, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. These work together to oxidize and eliminate organic and inorganic pollutants and are especially effective at destroying micro-organisms.


Since 1998 our people have partnered with Ozomax, Inc., initially researching the use of ozone in agriculture and animal husbandry. In 2004 Ozomax patented the Insitu Advanced Oxidation Processes for chemical free water treatment.  Ozomax asked us to bring this new technology to market in municipal, industrial and drinking water treatment.  We then began building our growing business around Ozomax’s patented Insitu Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP). In 2008 we received a grant from a major university to study the Insitu AOP processes for treatment of effluent from a poultry processing plant. The results were profound, showing a 99.99% effectiveness at eliminating E. Coli, Fecal Coliforms and Heterotrophic Plate Count. There was also a 98.4% reduction in TDS, 99.6% reduction in TOC and a 99.99% reduction in turbidity without the use of chemicals.  We knew then that the Insitu AOP held great potential and have continued to find success with it in a variety of water treatment applications.

In 2013 Ozomax developed and patented the  Insitu AOP Ozopen,  a product developed specifically for cooling towers, water features and swimming pool applications. This was driven by the large amount of water and chemical savings cooling towers and swimming pools can achieve and why we have chosen to offer this technology to our customers. The Ozopen technology was successfully tested by research chemists at the “Centre Des Technologies De L’Eau” (CTE) in Montreal in accordance with EPA standards linked here.


The Cooling Tower Wish List

Do you want:

  • Guaranteed Legionella Control?
  • Reliable Treatment of your Cooling Tower water?
  • Decrease up to 85% of Blowdown and Increase Cycles of Concentration to at least 8?
  • Efficient Heat Transfer/Energy Savings?
  • To Eliminate Harsh Chemicals, Storage and Handling ?
  • Safer, Greener Technology in your Cooling Tower?
  • Easier Maintenance?
  • Turn Key Operation/ No Staff Headaches?
  • Solutions without Additional Capital Outlay?